About Us


You might be asking yourself “What qualifies this guy to be an expert and give me advice on vending?” that is a great question and a legitimate question; the answer is I have been involved in every part of the vending business since 1991. I have worked for a professional locator; I have invested over $80,000 in different vending machines. I have built and developed routs and I have bought and sold routs. But my best qualification is that I have made some of the most horrible and costly mistakes possible. A good example of this is my wife thought I was crazy when I moved unusable machines for the last time and she watched me throw vending machines into the dumpster that I paid over $40,000 for but I could not sell them and I could not afford to keep them anymore. I have seen many people spend money that they did not have to pursue the dream of making extra money and supplementing their income and possibly build it up to be a full time business only to find out that they had been scammed and was not making enough money to be worth wile for them. And they end up broke and machines in their garage with no where to put them.

It is my intention to help as many people as I can to avoid the costly mistakes that I have made and get on to the right track and become instantly profitable. This is possible in the right circumstances. And without it most people go into this business blindly and trust the people that are selling them the machines to make them profitable. That’s crazy if you think about it. People selling you the machines are making money on selling you the machines and don’t care about your success after they get shipped to you no matter what the testimonials say and no matter what the salesman says. I have heard it all believe me. I would not be doing this if I didn’t want your testimony in my book.